At Serenity Smiles Dental Care in Murfreesboro, TN, we provide general tooth extraction services with a focus on patient comfort and oral health. Whether due to decay, damage, or for orthodontic reasons, our team ensures a smooth and painless extraction process.

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Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

General tooth extractions may be required for:

  • Teeth that are too damaged or decayed for repair.
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment.
  • Removing wisdom teeth that are causing discomfort or alignment issues.
  • Addressing overcrowding in the mouth.

What Does the Tooth Extraction Process Involve?

Our tooth extraction procedure includes:

  • Initial Examination: Assessing the affected tooth with X-rays and oral examination.
  • Sedation Options: Providing sedation for a comfortable, anxiety-free experience.
  • The Extraction: Removing the tooth efficiently and with minimal discomfort.
  • Post-Extraction Care: Advising on aftercare for quick and smooth recovery.

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction?

Post-extraction care is crucial for healing:

  • Resting and avoiding strenuous activities for a few days.
  • Following specific dietary guidelines.
  • Managing discomfort with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Keeping the extraction site clean to prevent infection.

How to Prepare for Your Tooth Extraction?

Preparing for the procedure:

  • Arrange for transportation as sedation may impair your ability to drive.
  • Follow pre-operative instructions, such as fasting if required.
  • Plan for a recovery period and necessary dietary adjustments.

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