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Welcome to Serenity Smiles Dental Care in Murfreesboro, TN – Your Source for Excellent Dental Care!


serenity smiles dental care of mursfreeboro is an all inclusive dental practice.Serenity Smiles Dental Care offers general and cosmetic dentistry to families in Mursfreeboro ensuring bright and strong smiles through modern dental techniques and personal care. Our dentist, Dr. K.L. Burns is an expert who takes pride in her gentle approach to care.

At our practice, we treat patients as part of our family and give them the traditional service they deserve. To schedule an appointment at Serenity Smiles Dental Care at Mursfreeboro, call us today!

Offering All that Your Smile Needs at Our Inclusive Dental Office

We provide the full range of dental treatments that you or a loved one could need. Our general dental services are comprehensive, as we cover everything from tooth decay, deep cleanings, and FASTBRACES®. We also offer advanced procedures that help resolve extensive cosmetic concerns and tooth loss.

We tailor treatments to every patient, making sure their existing oral health needs are addressed before developing a long-term plan. Dr. K.L Burns use cutting-edge technology to enhance her diagnoses and achieving effective results. We offer the following services to improve smiles:

Serving Patients from All Walks of Life at Our Welcoming Mursfreeboro Practice

dr. k.l. burns of mursfboror, tn provides general dental care to all families.When treating dental problems, we utilize a big-picture approach. Dr. Burns has the expertise to treat patients no matter how young or old they are, or where they come from. Paving the way for long-term dental health is a passion and goal of ours. With children, our team takes the time to help them be comfortable and have a positive outlook on dental care. We want them to be relaxed when they return for dental treatments.

Adults and seniors can expect to receive quality cosmetic and restorative care that enhances both their smiles’ aesthetics and functionality. Our team values building trust with our patients, as this opens the doors to long-term relationships.

Contact our Friendly Staff at Serenity Smiles Today

Dr. Burns welcome new patients in Mursfreeboro and beyond. Visit us if you have a toothache, discoloration, damage, or you or your family needs a caring dentist. Schedule a visit with our kind staff and see us soon!


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